Create a health-enhancing home that is a happy sanctuary for you and your family. Clarify your signature style and set your home up to support your health and wellbeing on all levels. 

your six-week roadmap to empowering your home to support your wellbeing.

Creating Sanctuary

programme goes live Saturday, April 13th, 2024

elevate your home & create your sanctuary?

Are you ready to...
Your home is so much more than a shelter. It’s a sacred space that nurtures your body, mind and spirit. Whether you rent or own your home, it's important to 'own' it energetically.

This course will empower you to create that special feeling in your home.

You’re in the right place if you want to create
• a calmer environment
• more uplifting energy
• a better organised and functional home

You will understand how the layout, colour palette and even your art and ornaments are impacting how you and your family feel in your home.

You’ll move away from trends and start to curate a home that reflects your taste, interests and personality.

let's do this!

Craft a vision and a plan – and start to implement it – so that your home simply feels good to all who live in, and visit it.

Can you relate?..

THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU IF YOU want to put these problems behind you and learn how to make your home look, feel and function better.

Are you always looking at home improvement projects that need to be done, but you don’t have the energy, motivation, or even the knowledge to go about them?

Do you suffer from analysis paralysis when trying to choose colours for your home?

Are you like a magpie, drawn to lots of different styles and struggling to decide which one to choose?

Do you feel drained, or uninspired when you’re hanging out at home?

Do you constantly have to hunt for keys, bags, jackets, whatever you need as you’re heading out the door?

Do you have to navigate an obstacle course to move around your home?

Do you have to shift piles of paperwork, laundry or other items about when it’s time to cook, or time to eat, or time to work/study?

Are you uncomfortable inviting friends around because your home doesn't feel inviting?


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~ sinead

It was a joy to work with Hilda. She is so generous and insightful. I have a plan I'm working towards to support us and create a beautiful energy in our home.

Want to learn...

Transform your home into a haven of tranquility and joy, crafting a harmonious atmosphere in every room. 

Say goodbye to the frustrations of poorly utilised spaces as you enhance functionality and flow.

Edit and curate your living space, ensuring it authentically reflects the uniqueness of you and your family. 

Develop a signature style that will help you to always make your home feel current, without being a slave to passing trends.

Become your own interior designer and choose colours, patterns, and furniture with confidence.

Discover your seasonal personality type - and each of your family member's - and understand how to cater to everyone's needs when decorating your home.

how to create a home that reflects you, your tastes, your interests - and helps you to nurture your overall wellbeing?

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Say goodbye to stagnant energy and welcome a breath of fresh air. This week is about purging the old to make room for a revitalized and rejuvenated living space. 

module 1

Cleansing your Space   

I’ll also take you through the four areas of your home to prioritise when you’re getting started, so that you can start to feel an impact really quickly.

This week is all about injecting life into your surroundings.  Infuse your space with dynamic energy and create an ambiance that not only invigorates but sparks inspiration.

module 2

Energising your Space 

We’ll look at western Feng Shui, and how it can help you to lighten the energy in your home. You’ll get an understanding of the bagua, how to apply it to your overall home, or to individual rooms. 

Learn how to use remedies and natural elements to improve how you and your family feel in the space.


Dive into the world of colour and its profound impact on how your space feels, and how you feel in the space. 

module 3

choosing Colour confidently

Colours aren't just aesthetic choices; they're powerful tools that influence your mood and overall health.

We’ll also explore seasonal personality types and how they inform the best way to decorate your home to suit you and your family’s unique needs.


This week we’ll start exploring how to apply interior design principles that the pros use, to help you get your home looking, feeling and functioning better. We'll do this on a room by room basis over the next three weeks.

module 4

Restful & Restorative Spaces

We'll start the tour of your home, reviewing colour palettes, lighting, patterns, room layout and more. First up is your bedroom, bathroom and living room. 


Continuing the same principles we looked at last week, you'll assess and make a plan to create a conducive atmosphere for these livelier spaces.

module 5

Productive, Creative & Entertaining Spaces

This week we move into the more active spaces of your home. It's time to review your kitchen/dining areas, your home office, or play room. You’ll want a different energy in these rooms than in your ‘unwinding’ spaces.


We’ll also take a look at transitional spaces like laundry rooms and the all-important hallway. In our hard-working homes, some spaces serve more than one purpose and have to support a different kind of mood at different times. 

module 6

Miscellaneous & Multi-purpose Spaces

In our hard-working homes, some spaces serve more than one purpose and have to support a different kind of mood at different times. We’ll look at ways to circumnavigate this dilemma, particularly in open-plan kitchen/dining/living rooms, and bedrooms that have to double-up as a work-from-home space during the day.







Invest in your home 


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Important: I am based in GMT time zone. If you live east of GMT+1, or west of the Atlantic ocean, the VIP package may not be a suitable option for you.

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early bird saving:€100

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6 modules with easy to follow lessons and lifetime access.

Weekly live Q&A sessions - email your questions in advance, or ask them live in the session for my personal feedback.

Recordings of all live sessions, allowing you to catch up in your own time.

Private online community - share photos or videos of projects you're working on and receive feedback and support from your coach and fellow participants.

Weekly assignments.

Bonus lessons and cheat sheets.

6 modules with easy to follow lessons and lifetime access.

Weekly live Q&A sessions - email your questions in advance, or ask them live in the session for my personal feedback.

Recordings of all live sessions, allowing you to catch up in your own time.

Private online community - share photos or videos of projects you're working on and receive feedback and support from your coach and fellow participants.

Weekly assignments.

Bonus lessons and cheat sheets.

Three one-to-one sessions (40 minutes each) for more in-depth support around what you're personally looking to improve over the duration of the course.

Voxer support throughout the six week course.

Email support for four weeks after course completion.

one payment   €297  €197

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(only 3 spaces available)

~ Michelle

Hilda's help was fantastic!.

I now have a clear plan to manage the many aspects, and lots of practical advice as to how to tackle each area.

Great value for money and I would highly recommend. 

~ eleanor

I'm thrilled with the results!

I engaged Hilda to help me with the design of my living room, which I just couldn't get to work for me. Hilda quickly indentified some key areas for improvement. She was able to work with my existing pieces and suggest how new ones could be added in an incremental manner. 


here's a recap of what's included...


On Monday of each week I will host a live Q&A session. You can ask questions on the spot, or email them to me in advance. These calls will be recorded so you can catch-up in your own time if you can't make the live session.


Ask questions, share photos of what you're working on, get support from your coach and other members. I will be checking in daily to follow your progress and provide guidance.


This is optional, but highly encouraged. Immediately apply what you're learning to an area of your home and start to see and feel the difference.


Your weekly lessons will become live each Saturday morning. Access according to your own schedule.





This bonus lesson provides a practical demonstration of how to create a moodboard two ways: on Pinterest and in Powerpoint. Available with Module 4.

This bonus lesson provides a practical demonstration of how to draw a scaled floorplan. It comes with a downloadable cheat sheet. Available with Module 5.

As we wrap up in Module 6, this downloadable cheat sheet will become available, packed with lots of tips to bring an elevated sense of style to your home.

This bonus lesson will be available immediately upon enrollment, and includes cheat sheets for offline reference.

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Meet your Coach


Since I completed my interior design training, I’ve had the desire to help people who don’t have deep pockets to learn how to design their own homes to reflect their own needs and tastes, according to their own budgets.

I actually sold that little house in 2006 and I’ve been a serial renter ever since. But that never stopped me making my abode feel like my home.

Because my rental homes aren’t permanent I’m always budget-conscious about my home-improvement expenses - I may not be able to bring every piece with me on my next move.

But as anyone with a natural eye will tell you, tailoring your home to your own needs and tastes doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

What I do is help people who don’t have that natural gift and need a little hand-holding while they develop their skills.

The teacher archetype is quite strong in my psyche, something I learned after qualifying as a meditation instructor in 2009.

I’m also a certified life coach and cultivating self-care practices to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing has been a driving force for me for over two decades. And this informs my approach to interior design.

I encourage my clients to forget about trends and the colour of the year. Instead, tune into what you and your family need from your home and focus on how to create that in a timeless and lasting manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have access to the course materials after the six weeks are up?

Yes, each live session will be recorded so that you can catch up on your own time. 

I won’t be able to make all of the live sessions. Will there be a recording?

No. You are not training to be an interior designer and don’t need to invest in professional software. The tools I will share with you won’t involve any additional expense.

Will I need to spend extra money on tools to help me design my own home?

Yes. Each week I will invite you to submit questions ahead of the live session. You can also post questions in the community forum. I will be checking in there regularly, responding to comments and queries.

Can I contact you in between lessons?

Yes, you will have access to the materials until at least the end of the year. You will also have access to the community forum and live Q&As during future re-runs of the course.

Yes. You have 14 days from date of purchase to request a full refund. 

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Each module is broken down into short, bite-sized lessons. Most weeks 60 - 90 minutes will be plenty of time to watch and read the materials, and you can break that down into smaller chunks of time.

However, I would not expect you to complete all assignments within one week, or even within the six weeks. Hence, you will still have access to the materials after you complete the course.

How much time per week will I need to get the most of the course?

I can't predict the time you'll need for your assignments. It will be different for everyone, depending on your home and what level of change you want to bring about.

Absolutely! I'm a serial renter myself. What you'll learn is as valuable to renters as it is to home-owners.

is this course suitable for renters?

join me on this journey to design a home that truly resonates with you.


Create a home that is both comforting and comfortable to spend time in, while gaining valuable knowledge, tools and confidence to adapt your home as you and your family continue to grow and evolve.

are you ready to Transform your home into a haven of tranquility and joy?

Join us!