When I graduated from college in the 90s, jobs were thin on the ground. I knew I wanted to work for non-profits in the communications area, but what I fell into was fundraising. And while I was passionate about the causes, and appreciated the need for my role, I hated it.

At 30 I moved into corporate sponsorship, working for Ireland's leading mobile telecoms company at the time. It was a dynamic company with a youngish workforce, and for the first couple of years I loved it.

from charity fundraiser to interior designer, and everything in between.

A little about me....

After a global buy-out of our company the culture changed rapidly and I started to become disillusioned. I was scratching my head wondering what my next career move might be, and I read a book called "Be your own Life Coach" in the hope it would help me figure out my future path.

I never did finish that book, but the outlook and attitude of the author, Fiona Harrold, had a huge impression on me. With my not-so-positive outlook on life, I wished I could adopt hers. I remember thinking, in order to maintain that kind of mindset I'd need to work as a life coach myself. But I was deeply resistant to the idea of retraining at the time.

Then, as if Infinite Spirit herself was giving me a push, I had a difficult experience at work and I hired a life coach to guide me in a new direction. In the course of those sessions I became excited about the prospect of retraining, and winded up becoming a life coach after all.

That journey transformed me. The training opened my mind and my curiosity about all things spiritual in a completely unexpected way.

by nature, I was skeptical, critical, anxious, socially aware and conscientious.

If you had told a younger version of me that I would become a daily meditator, she would have laughed at you. But the mid-30s, life-coach version of me kept reading about the benefits and I wanted to experience them.

To be completely honest, when I first tried it, I was chasing the spiritual benefits - the all-elusive concept of enlightenment.

I've long since stopped chasing that. The reason I still meditate daily is because of the benefits I experience in my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Headaches, indigestion, constipation, psoriasis, restless leg and more all quietly went away. And my previously short fuse became much longer.

Through a series of synchronicities I also ended up training to be a teacher, and was certified in 2009.

the lure of meditation

My interior design journey first started in 2003, when I bought my own little house. My friends were so impressed by the changes I made that some of them suggested I train as an interior designer. And I was pretty obsessed, to be fair.

But I wasn't keen on the idea of study at the time....this was before I worked with my life coach. In the years in between, after retraining twice, I came to realise that I will probably never be done with the learning.

In 2019 I finally allowed myself to study interior design. Initially it was for my own interest, rather than as a career move. But of course I loved it so much that I just had to work in it too. And with my coaching and meditation background, I knew from the outset that I wanted to take a holistic wellbeing approach. 


For me, the energy of a home matters as much as how it looks. And my passion is to help people to create true sanctuary in their everyday lives, by combining self-care practices with home-care practices.

Your deserve a home that is a nurturing space.

And my intention is to guide you through that process in an affordable and sustainable way. 

Never have to worry about the passing trends again. Together, let's clarify your signature style that will allow you to create and curate a home that makes your heart sing. 


  • Sourcing second-hand as well as new, to help stretch your budget and help the environment
  • Planning for living with, and loving, any new furnishings for a long time to come.
  • Making the most of, and improving the space and furniture that you already have.

I focus on

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