Virtual Interior Design

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Virtual interior design is more affordable and accessible than traditional interior design services. Essentially, it is a design service that doesn’t include project management. And it’s conducted through online meetings, emails, and phone calls rather than face-to-face client meetings.

Typically, what’s available to the client is:
  • Support in coming up with an overall design concept and colour palette
  • Scaled drawings – floor plans with furniture layout, 3D visuals of the design
  • Some online designers also provide clickable shopping links for products to complete the design. For sustainability reasons, I prefer to research local eco-friendly (ie. second-hand) or ethical and sustainable suppliers to assist the client in sourcing what they need more responsibly
  • A detailed plan of action for the client to implement on their own time
  • Follow-up support for a limited time period
holistic interior design, remote interior design, virtual interior design
The benefits of virtual interior design are:
  • It solves a particular design dilemma and gives the client confidence about how to proceed
  • The client maintains complete control of the execution of the design plan
  • The clients save money, by being their own project manager

I offer a range of virtual design services, including one-off consultation options. For more information, check out my mini design or full design packages. One-off consultations include colour palette, pick-my-brain, and design for health and wellbeing.

Or simply book a discovery call to chat about your project. This is a 20-minute zero-charge and zero-obligation conversation, where we can discuss which service might best suit you.