Cottages for Sale in Sligo under €200K.

House Hunting • October 4, 2020

This week’s listings are more suited to singles, couples or small families (with kids that have grown out of having toys scattered all over the house). Except (potentially) the last one…

Three of them also have low BER ratings, which isn’t uncommon for cottages. So I’d be looking into every kind of insulation opportunity going, but the price tags leave room for that, hopefully.

cottages for sale in sligo

Starting with my favourite! While the cottage itself is cute and appealing, the setting is the real stunner. It’s just a stone’s throw from the beach, and the garden is magnificent with a selection of picturesque spots to relax in as well as a polytunnel and raised beds. The Good Life is ready and waiting!

The original cottage is extended to the rear and has two bedrooms downstairs with the attic converted, providing an ideal and roomy office space. There is a separate dining area off the kitchen, although there is also plenty of space for a dining table in the kitchen itself if the island were removed. (And the island doesn’t appear to be fixed, and it is wrong anyway – the scale is too small for the space.)

The small conservatory off the living room offers sea views. However, I’d be upgrading the structure of the conservatory (and that might help with the BER when it’s done). And there’s an abundance of outbuildings, of which I am jealous.

The listing includes nearly 40 photos and a video tour. Click here for full details.

Another property close to the sea. This one doesn’t have the same charm factor as the Templeboy cottage, but it does have potential to inject the charm. With a very attractive price tag, there’ll hopefully be enough left over in your budget to bring the cosy and cute to what is essentially a blank canvas. Apart from any necessary insulation required, it’s mostly decorative work that’s needed if you don’t need additional square footage.

The main cottage has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen/diner and bathroom. There are no photos of the outhouse interiors, but it sounds intriguing. As well as a utility room, it also has a bedroom and toilet. Perhaps this could be used a home office, while keeping both bedrooms in the cottage itself as bedrooms.

Although it comes off as quite plain, both internally and externally, with a little vision this cottage could grow into something far more attractive. If you don’t want everything done, and prefer to make it your own over time, this is an option worth checking out.Click here for the details.

Kerb appeal galore is on offer here but despite appearances, it is actually a new build on the site of an original cottage. And it comes with all the benefits of both worlds – timber framed with stone cladding, the cottage charm is combined with contemporary insulation standards. And it is also flooded with light.

It has three bedrooms (master is ensuite), but the living space wouldn’t be family-sized. For me this would be one for a single or couple, designating one or even two of the bedrooms as home offices. It also offers a very pretty garden for downtime. And while Tubbercurry isn’t a coastal location, is it the setting of Normal People, if that’s a point-scorer for you. Click here for the details.

So this one needs some updating, although it doesn’t look like major work. Some decorative updating throughout and some improvements to the living room (which is dull and dated) and the kitchen (which just looks a bit odd, to my eye). However, this is a four bedroomed cottage AND it comes with a 24 acre farm! And of course, there’s outhouses – always a bonus. It’s an interesting opportunity for sure. Check out the details here.

I’ll come back to Sligo in another post, as there’s lots of fixer-upper opportunities going, if that’s your thing. In the meantime, if you’d like some custom house-hunting done on your behalf, including in-person vetting of properties, then please get in touch.

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