Sacred Space


In our busy world today, our bodies and minds have a lot of stress to contend with. And self-care has become vitally important in order for us to avoid burnout – mentally, physically and emotionally. creating sacred space

Self-care, however,  doesn’t need to involve expensive spa visits – in fact, the best self-care begins at home. creating sacred space

And the very best first step we can take is to set up our homes to support us in that.

Our homes need to be a sanctuary, a haven to rest our bodies and rejuvenate our spirits.

And we can accomplish this without spending any money on redecorating or refurnishing. We do, however, need to invest our time and energy into creating and maintaining a sanctuary vibe through establishing regular practices to keep our homes, and ourselves, in a state of optimum balance and harmony. creating sacred space

I currently have two programmes on offer to help with this:

30 Day Decluttering Challenge

This is a free resource, delivered via email. I designed it to take the sense of overwhelm out of the prospect of decluttering and make it feel more manageable. Click here for more information.

Create a High Vibration Home

This new 5 week online course begins June 18th and will be delivered via a combination of emails and livestream videos. Full details are available on this link.