Space Clearing

Space clearing is a ceremony that helps to refresh the energy in a building, clearing stagnancy and low vibrations.

space clearing incense

The energy in our homes is something that we can’t see, yet we can feel it. And space clearing is a process of cleansing that energy. To perform the ceremony we use sound, smoke and water. And our intention.

It’s a good thing to space clear on a regular basis if you can. However, ad hoc times when it’s particularly beneficial include the following:

  • After an argument in the space
  • When going through a life-changing transition
  • After an illness or traumatic event
  • When you move into a new home
  • When you want to welcome a fresh start into any aspect of your life

Space clearing is a simple ceremony to perform and the most important element is your conscious intention. If you would like me to clear your space, or teach you how to do it, this would be an in-person appointment. As such, it’s only available in the following areas:

  • Co. Mayo
  • East Galway
  • East Clare
  • Limerick City/north east Limerick county

If you would like to set up an appointment for space clearing, please get in touch.

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