Meditation Tutorial

If you wish to join in my evening meditations for the rest of this month, but you have no previous experience, the video below provides a basic lesson.

Meditation helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, and one of the knock-on effects of that is a boost to our immunity. It is helpful to most people.

However, if you are experiencing more severe anxiety/depression or any other severe mental health issue, it is best to consult with your doctor before taking up a meditation practice. I would also advise checking with your doctor first if you have a brain injury or brain-related condition, eg epilepsy.

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I also have a 28 day ecourse which provides more in-depth lessons. Normally €18, it is reduced to only €9 for the duration of the COVID 19 emergency. More information on that is available here (and all of the videos in the course content are shorter than the one above). CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES – PLEASE CHECK BACK IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.