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A four week course for busy people who want to learn the fundamentals and develop a simple daily meditation practice.

The benefits of meditation for our physical, mental and emotional health are well documented.
However, they accumulate gradually and are experienced through regular practice. If you want to maximise the benefits of meditation, you need to develop a daily habit - even if for just a few minutes. This will serve you much better than long sits on an ad-hoc basis. 

This course is designed to teach the basics to complete beginners, and support you in developing your own daily meditation habit. 

~ Joanna, Scotland

“This was a beautifully simple introduction to meditation, an encouragement to build a practice into your every day, so it became everyday.” 

Beautifully Simple

Learn to meditate using a personalised mantra calculated using Vedic astrology.

3 x 40 Min sessions

primordial sound meditation

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My life coach training transformed me. It opened my mind in a way that took me completely by surprise. And instead of dismissing things out of hand - without first giving them a try - I became more curious. My approach became less, "No point in trying that as it will never work", and more, "What have I got to lose?".

And so it was with meditation. I kept reading about the benefits and I wanted to experience them. To be completely honest, when I first tried it, I was chasing the spiritual benefits - the all-elusive concept of enlightenment.

I've long since stopped chasing that. The reason I still meditate daily is because of the benefits I experience in my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

From childhood I was always an anxious person. And I had a short temper. Neither of these things are true of me now. That isn't to say I never get stressed or anxious. But these days I'm usually more calm, and when I do feel stressed I have tools to help me manage that.

I also used to suffer from a plethora of physical ailments that were stress-induced. When I started meditating headaches, indigestion, constipation, psoriasis, restless leg and more all quietly went away. I didn't make the connection for a long time.

In fact, I barely noticed that I wasn't experienceing these conditions any more until I was clearing out my bathroom cupboard of expired pills and potions, about a year after meditation had taken root in my life.

But learning to meditate wasn't straightforward, to begin with. Back then, nobody was teaching meditation online the way we are now. My resources were books and articles, with no facility to ask any questions about my own experience.

It was only when I got to work with a Chopra Centre certified teacher that everything fell into place for me. And the practice had such a profound effect on me, that I trained with them myself.

I've been teaching in-person since 2009 and online since 2015. When I first launched my online course I couldn't find anything else like it on the internet. At the time I taught it live, but now it's available for you to start anytime you want.

I cover everything you need to know to become a daily meditator in that course, but you can still work with me one-to-one if that is your preference. In that case, schedule a Discovery Call for a quick and complementary chat before we book in your session.

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