Seasonal Personality Types

Following are summaries of all four personality types – hopefully, they can help you determine your secondary personality. If you’re still a little confused, then try re-taking the quiz choosing your second preferences this time.


A Spring personality is practical, sensitive and caring, and often works in fields such as teaching, nursing, sales, communications or entertainment. They can be happy to stay in their chosen jobs for long periods.

They are fun, outgoing, young at heart, and have boundless charm and energy. Being creative and expressive, others are easily drawn to them – helped by the sense that they are also approachable and unpretentious.

Spring personalities love to be spontaneous and enjoy picnics, barbecues, and generally casual entertainment/social activities. They’re good at motivating others and multi-tasking.

Being open-minded they can be easily influenced (while also being influential), and impulsive. This personality type is most likely to be influenced by what’s trending in fashion and interiors and will change their style regularly. They make buying decisions quickly and are most prone to making expensive mistakes.

Interiors tastes

The Spring personality type likes lots of light and a feeling of spaciousness. They’re drawn to big windows and glass doors to the garden – a connection to the outdoors being important to them.

Colour-wise, they prefer tints (pure hue with white added) – and especially on the warmer end of the spectrum. Think delicate, lighter colours (pastels). However, they like their colours to be clear – not muddy tones. If it’s pink, or peach, you know which one. If it’s a pale green, you know it’s green and it won’t be mistaken for grey. 

When it comes to fabrics and finishes, they like dainty patterns, wicker, gold, reflective surfaces, and contrast. They dislike dark walls or floors, heavy woods, oppressive furniture, abstract art, or geometric patterns. They would also be less keen on vintage or antique pieces, preferring a more contemporary style.

If it feels too chunky, it won’t be to their taste. Instead they will choose sofas, armchairs and sideboards that are raised off the floor on legs – being able to see the floor beneath adds to the sense of lightness and spaciousness in a room. They’re also drawn to circular shapes.

Overall, the mood of the Spring home will be light, fun, joyful and optimistic – a casual and inviting space that lends itself well to spontaneous entertaining.


The Summer personality is quiet, calm, and reserved. They tend to have a subtle/dry wit, are highly perceptive, and often softly-spoken. Career-wise, they make great doctors, human resource managers, diplomats, and (gifted) artists/musicians.

They love to study and will spend a long time in education. They’re brilliant listeners and have a well-developed sense of touch – love knitting, sewing, and highly detailed crafts.

They ooze grace and elegance, and their hosting/socialising style would reflect that. Often conservative, they can sometimes appear aloof to those who don’t know them well.

Interiors tastes

A Summer home will be elegant, calm, and orderly. While not as minimalist as a Winter home, there will be a place for everything – and everything will be found in its rightful place. 

They favour classic proportions, symmetry, high ceilings, delicate fabrics, satin finishes, and quality antiques. Patterns will be soft and discreet and matching furniture and fabrics will not be out of place here.

Their colour palette will be soft and soothing. They like subtle, cool, and muted tones and are especially attracted to blues, greens, and lilacs.

They’re not influenced by what’s on-trend and will always choose quality items that they will maintain in pristine condition for years to come. They dislike dark walls, cheap woods, flimsy furniture, and garish patterns. 

The interiors will be soft and graceful, oozing an understated elegance. Curves will feature more than hard, clean lines (lots of circular and oval shapes), and fabrics will be flowy (cotton velvet or linen). Curtains will be light and sheer (think sheers over blackout). Wood finishes will be polished rather than raw.

The decor will be subtle, refined, pared-back, and of high quality – without being showy – and the overall atmosphere will be calm and relaxing.


The Autumn personality type is earthy, warm, and caring. They’re interested in other people and make great psychologists. They’re also drawn to careers in investigative policing or journalism, archaeology, and design.

They tend to be intense, flamboyant, strong-minded, and rebellious. They are also environmentally aware and socially conscientious. They hate restrictions and question everything.

They love to spend time in nature and lean towards a casual and relaxed entertainment/socialising style. Comfort and substance are of utmost importance and will always be prioritised.

Interiors tastes

Cosy is the keyword for Autumn interiors. They prefer natural materials – lots of wood, earthenware, exposed brick – and original rustic finishes. Their homes will be filled with lots of textures and plenty of rectangular and square shapes. Patterns will be plentiful and bold, and they’re not afraid to mix them.

Their colour palette will be warm, intense, rich, dark, and moody. Their paint choices will be shades (pure hue with black added). They like to have books and sentimental pieces displayed on open shelving and will lean more towards maximalism. (They may, in fact, be extremely maximalist.) 

At the very least, an Autumn home will be layered – even if they’re paring things back to compromise with other personalities in the household. They love to display their treasures and are mostly drawn to an artisan or ethnic look. To other personality types their styling can feel too cluttered, but it enlivens the Autumn personality.

They’re far from perfectionists, have eclectic tastes, and love to mix the old and new. Not only do they embrace pre-loved furniture, but they also don’t mind if its condition is a little worn. Instead, they appreciate the character that brings to the piece.

Bringing the layers of texture, strong colours and mixed styles of furniture and furnishings, the overall vibe of an Autumn home is laid-back, casual, and grounded.


The Winter personality type is ambitious, self-assured, innovative, and driven. They tend not to seek other’s opinions, trusting in their own decision-making, and they always strive to be the best they can be.

Their career choices tend to include surgeon, barrister, government and finance – at the highest level in their field.

When hosting, they will meticulously plan every detail in advance and the setting will be simple but stunning. They are minimalists at heart and everything is selected for efficiency.

They’re not small-talk people and can often be perceived as cold and unfriendly until you get to know them well (which can take time). They aren’t sentimental or sensitive – so they aren’t easily offended.

Interiors tastes

A Winter home will be stylistically striking, with minimal decor of the highest quality. While they always strive to be the best they can be, they also want the best they can afford.

There will be no visible clutter, with everything hidden away behind clean-lined, highly reflective cabinetry. Finishes will be glass, chrome, lacquered, and furniture will be high-end statement pieces. You won’t find much texture or any florals – on the contrary, the decor will be stark – but any textures included will be luxurious. 

There won’t be an abundance of patterns, but when working with patterns they will favour geometrics. When it comes to art, there’ll be a strong preference for abstract and oversized pieces rather than busy gallery walls.

The colour scheme will be pared back but will have high contrast (for drama). Generally, they will opt for cool and/or piercing hues. A Winter home is designed to make a strong impression. For other personality types, it may feel austere, but for them the sleekness and lack of clutter are soothing. The overall feeling will be undeniably luxurious, contemporary, and innovative.

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