Spring Clean with Me.

Decluttering, Sacred Space, Self Care • March 24, 2020
spring clean
Photo by Good Soul Shop on Unsplash

Spring cleaning and decluttering our homes makes them far more pleasant spaces to spend time in…need I say more in the current circumstances?

It’s the time of year for it anyway, and with all the extra time we’re spending at home it’s a perfect opportunity to tackle it.

I started a couple of days ago with my entryway and yesterday I tackled my kitchen. Today I still have plenty to do in the kitchen – the more hidden areas. But the external area of the kitchen is now making my heart sing and I’m happy to cook and eat there again. (And do what work I do have left at the kitchen table – I have mostly been doing that from the sofa.)

I’ve made a short before and after video of both my kitchen and entryway, in the hopes that it will motivate you to join in with me. They’re all on my Facebook page and you can view them on the following links:

Entryway: Before

Entryway: After

Kitchen: Before

Kitchen: After

If you have kids at home with you who are old enough, get them involved – it’s an important life skill so qualifies as home-schooling, methinks. 😉

Next up for me will be my bedroom and bathroom. Followed by living room and the middle hallway (that I pass through a gazillion times a day).

I’m aiming to complete my entire home this week. But if you’d prefer a baby-steps approach then my 30 day decluttering challenge might help. That’s a free resource that you can get here.

Come, Spring Clean with me! 🙂

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Spring Cleaning is Emotional Clearing.

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