6 Suggestions to Harness the Energy of Spring, to Spring Forward in your Life.

Decluttering, Room Makeover, Self Care • March 21, 2021
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In astrology, the Spring Equinox is the actual ‘new year,’ which makes complete sense to me.

I, for one, always feel much more inclined to shake things up in my life in springtime than in the darkest depths of winter when we’re traditionally encouraged to consider developing new habits.

In January, I reflect. In February, I start to get an itch. And in late March, I begin to scratch.

As the signs of new life happening outside my window become more apparent, I get an urge to move into action. Don’t you?

If you’re starting to feel a spring in your step and want to harness that energy to create some changes in your life, the following are my suggestions.

Start spring cleaning your home.

There is a reason why there’s a tradition of spring cleaning. It harks back to pre-electricity days when we were all more naturally attuned to our bio-rhythms. And they, in turn, are influenced by nature.

As daylight increases, our energy levels start to rise too. The lethargy of winter begins to be replaced by enthusiasm and optimism – and these are far better moods to support us in creating change.

And deep cleaning (and decluttering) has a far-reaching effect on the psyche for many of us. It can help us to release mental and emotional baggage that has been holding us back. And our newly refreshed homes can infuse us with a newfound inclination to tackle tasks we’ve been putting off.

Even with the benefit of electricity, I can happily mooch through the winter, oblivious of cobwebs forming in dimly-lit corners. But as we move into late March and early April, I can see those cobwebs clearly, and I want them gone.

I’ve been eyeing them up the last couple of weeks on the brighter days, and yesterday, on the equinox, I finally went through the house with a long-handled duster. My spring cleaning is now in session.

It will take me several weeks, as I don’t love cleaning. But I do love the effect of a thoroughly cleaned (and decluttered) space. The energy in each room will palpably shift as I complete it. And as I cross each room off my list, I’ll build momentum to work on other projects too.

Clean your Windows.

Yes, this might fall under the spring cleaning category. But it deserves to be mentioned in its own right.

Our windows let the light (chi, energy, life force) into our homes – and our lives. The quality of light affects our moods (and how well we can see the cobwebs gathering in the corners of our homes). Whenever I clean my windows, it gives me an immediate boost. And I continue to enjoy that feeling every time I look out for weeks…until they start to get grimy again.

Unlike the spring cleaning, the windows will be a regular maintenance job from now until the end of September – giving me a repeated pick-me-up long after the upshift in energy from the spring cleaning has dulled.

And again, that mental boost will aid me in following through on my life plans.

Spruce up your entryway – both inside and out.

Ok, this is the last one that can fall under the spring cleaning umbrella. Again, it does deserve to be highlighted in its own right.

Our entryway sets the tone for how we feel when we come home. When you come through the door, are you greeted by a cheery and inviting space or one which drains your energy?

In Feng Shui, the main entryway is the portal of chi, bringing opportunities into our lives. It is essential energy can enter freely and flow easily into and throughout our homes.

If yours feels a little lackluster after the winter, now is a great time to spruce it up. Clean, organise, swap out seasonal items. Maybe redecorate, or add a plant or piece of artwork that gives you a little lift when you arrive home.

And do the same outside. Sweep the step, remove the cobwebs around the doorframe and tidy up your plants. Let that little lift begin as you approach your home and continue after you walk through the door.

Sow some seeds and tend to your plants.

March and April are the primary months for sowing seeds, especially if it’s for edible plants. Whether or not you’re not planning on growing your own food, do think about pretty foliage and flowers that will give your heart a lift throughout the summer and early autumn months.

And pot up any plants that are outgrowing their current containers. As you do so, imagine that you’re sowing your intentions for what you want to create in your life. Or envisage plans in progress growing in the direction you desire.

Use this time of birth and renewal in nature as a metaphor for your own life, and bring conscious intention to these everyday jobs.

Rearrange your furniture.

This is a quick and cost-free way to refresh a room, and it can help to shift your energy at the same time.

Maybe something isn’t working well for you right now. Circulation might be tricky because furniture is placed too close together. Or a seating arrangement isn’t facilitating conversation or connection. Maybe you’ve introduced a desk into a room, and now everything is feeling cramped.

If a room in your home is feeling off, then reconsider the layout of all the items in it. This has a significant impact on the functionality of a space, which in turn impacts our moods when we’re in it.

And the change of season can also change the way we use different rooms. Sometimes a room falls out of use entirely at certain times of the year. Again, switching up the layout can often help to make a space feel more relevant. And it’s always a shame to have some rooms sitting idle while others may be working over-time.

Get imaginative and see how you can rejig things so that all your rooms feel fresher, more inviting, and useable.

Create a Vision Board.

Many people do this in January in support of their new year resolutions and goals. For me, this is counter-intuitive. I prefer to spend January contemplating how I’d like my year to pan out and then get into supportive practices as we move into spring.

And the visual representation of what we’d like to create can be one of these practices. Vision boards help to programme our subconscious mind. They give clarity around what we want and can help to support us to keep going. To persist when the going gets tough so we can bring our visions into reality.

If this idea appeals, jot down some notes on how you’d like to see your life unfolding over the remainder of this year. What kinds of experiences do you want to have, what type of work do you want to be doing, what kind of lifestyle do you want to be pursuing? Think about your health, relationships, hobbies. Focus on the essence of what you want, rather than getting too specific about the details.

Then find images that speak to you of these ideals and create a collage of them. It can include words and even abstract images. It’s not to make an impression on anyone else. The only thing that matters is that when your eyes alight on it, what you see makes sense to you. And makes an impression on your subconscious.

While we can decide to implement changes in our lives at any time, I believe that harnessing the energy of birth and growth associated with spring can help us pursue our life mission.

Our bodies and minds respond to the increasing light, giving us much-needed fuel to kick-start new projects. It’s the best time of year to focus on new beginnings.

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