Colour Palette Consultation

colour palette consultation

Are you itching to change up the colour palette in your home, or a particular room in your home, but you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed when it comes to the choice of new colour?

If so, then this service is for you.

During a 30 minute live session, we will discuss the function of the room, the time of day in which it is used, its orientation towards the sun, and the personality needs of those using it. With these insights, I’ll make some suggestions on colour selections.

I will send you a personality quiz ahead of our consultation (to be completed by the person(s) who will be using the space), as this will have a bearing on the recommended colour palette(s).

After the live session, I will send you a written report (including visuals) of the colour palette, and recommended paint brands for your particular room.

Fee: €95

For multiple rooms, or a large open-plan multi-functional space, the time alloted for the live session will be increased and an increased fee will apply. We can discuss this more on the discovery call.

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