Design for Health and Wellbeing

Design for health and wellbeing
Photo: Alison Laredo

design for health and wellbeing

We all go through periods in life when we need to prioritise our healing. Be that physical healing, mental or emotional healing.

If we’re not in the habit of integrating self-care into our day-to-day lives—and most people aren’t—then during times of illness or trauma, it’s particularly important to focus on how we can begin to take constructive steps to support our wellbeing.

A fundamental starting point should be our home. Whether we live alone or in a shared household, it’s important to have a space within our home where we can retreat to in order to relax, renew, rehabilitate, release emotional pain (cry!), reflect on our lives and where we may need to make changes.

Sample times when we particularly need this, more than usual:

  • Experiencing, or recovering from serious physical illness.
  • Experiencing mental health issues.
  • Focusing on healing emotional trauma.
  • Experiencing bereavement, be that from death of a loved one, the end of a significant relationship, the loss of a job (which can have identity and self-esteem issues attached)—or any kind of loss that’s knocked us sideways.

Design for health and wellbeing

  • Send me images/videos of your home
  • Complete seasonal personality quiz (link will be sent to you in advance)
Consultation Process:
  • A 90-minute session, in-person (at your home) or via Zoom.
  • Guided tour by you, as I provide an assessment of your home’s current set-up to support your wellbeing.
  • I will identify where improvements are needed, and provide general recommendations for the entire home.
  • I will provide specific recommendations for your intended personal sanctuary space, eg bedroom.
    • Colour palette to support wellbeing
    • Room layout
    • Decor enhancements, drawing from Biophilic Design, Feng Shui, and general interior design principles
    • Decluttering/organisation suggestions
Post Consultation:
  • Follow-up report on all suggestions discussed.
  • 30-day email support in response to queries that may arise for you.
Our Focus:
  • Working with what you already have.
  • Sourcing second-hand first, when ‘new’ furnishings are required.
  • Prioritising sustainably produced items when sourcing brand-new ones are necessary.
Fee: €285
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It was a joy to work with Hilda. She is so generous and insightful. Hilda took the time to get to know our family’s needs and came up with a really simple solution that is working well for us. It didn’t cost a lot of money and I have been able to slowly implement the changes over the past two months.
She also generously gave us insights for our whole home and I have a plan I’m working towards to support us create a beautiful energy in our home.
I am so grateful to Hilda and would not hesitate in recommending her.

Sinead, Dublin, Ireland

design for health and wellbeing