Pinterest Predicts 2022 Home Décor Trends

Interior Design • December 9, 2021

For the eighth year running, Pinterest has published its predictions for 2022 home décor trends, along with other trends that will rise in the coming year. This relates to all parts of our lives, and to date, they’ve had an accuracy rate of 80%.

So, if you’re planning to refresh part of your home next year, and you want to be ahead of the curve, the following are what they’re predicting when it comes to home décor.

Ranging from fun and whimsical, to makes perfect sense for some, to makes perfect sense for all…which of the upcoming trends will appeal to you most?

Curve Appeal

2022 home décor trends
Pinterest Screenshot: Curve Appeal

Driven by Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials, curvy everything looks set to be everywhere in our home décor and social media feeds – making a break from all those clean lines we’ve been appreciating for so long now.

Curves do soften the look and feel of a space, so the swing in this direction isn’t that surprising given the heightened need we’ve had to make our homes feel more nurturing and relaxing.

What people are searching for:

  • Round pool decking ideas – up by 179%
  • Curved sofa living room – up by 300%
  • Curved walls interior – up by 400%
  • Curved bar design – up by 140%
  • Curved kitchen island ideas – up by 300%

Pro Advice: Be careful with this one, as it will be temporary. If you already love curved furniture and curved walls and don’t see that changing no matter what the trends, then by all means invest in a curved sofa.

But if you need to replace your sofa in 2022 and you find yourself considering a curvy option – because you’re seeing so many lovely choices in your social media feeds – then resist the temptation.

Instead, invest in a piece that will last the test of time, and that won’t scream 2022 when we’ve moved on to 2025.

Pet-driven Décor

2022 home décor trends
Pinterest Screenshot: Barkitecture

It looks like redecorating with our pets front and center of the design is the way forward. Again, it’s mostly Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials who are driving this trend.

But really, if you have a pet, does it matter what age bracket you fall into? It makes sense to consider your fur-babies as well as the human contingent when designing your home.

Interesting to observe, from the most popular searches, it would appear the cat people are leading the way and the dog people are following…. (I love cats and dogs equally!)

What people are searching for:

  • Catify your home – up by 400%
  • Cat house design – up by 400%
  • Luxury cat room – up by 300%
  • Luxury dog room – up by 115%
  • Dog beds made from furniture – up by 200%

Pro Advice: As an animal lover, I’m all for this one. Pets are members of the family and want to be included.

It’s wonderful to have more and more options coming on stream that allow us to cater to their needs without jarring with our home décor. Let’s have doggie beds and kitty litter boxes that blend in seamlessly.

Goth Revival

2022 home décor trends
Pinterest Screenshot: Goth Revival

Pinterest is calling it the goth-aissance, predicting we’ll be seeing Goth pretty much everywhere in 2022 – and across all age groups. Going beyond hair and fashion, we’ll even be seeing goth kitchen décor trending on our social feeds.

What people are searching for:

  • Goth business casual – up by 90%
  • Goth cowboy – up by 70%
  • Goth baby clothes – up by 120%
  • Goth kitchen décor – up by 85%
  • Goth pajamas – up by 185%

Pro Advice: If Goth is your jam, then knock yourself out with accessories. But don’t go wild with your fixtures and fittings, and be careful how much of your walls and furniture you paint black.

Biophilic Design

2022 home décor trends
Pinterest Screenshot: Biophilic Design

Biophilic design incorporates elements of nature into our living and workspaces. Over the last couple of years Millenials, in particular, have been driving a plant craze, turning their homes into mini jungles.

In 2022 this will expand to see biophilia being embraced everywhere in our homes and offices as recent lockdowns have helped us all to recognize the power of nature to boost our wellbeing.

What people are searching for:

  • Biophilic architecture – up by 150%
  • Biophilic office design – up by 300%
  • Biophilic design bedroom – up by 100%
  • Staircase garden – up by 175%
  • Floral ceiling – up by 300%

Pro Advice: Embrace it, in a big way. While most of the other trends will be (quickly) passing fads, Biophilic Design is here to stay.

The ‘Jungalow’ trend may also prove to be a fad – or Millenial leaning – but there are plenty of other ways to include biophilia in our homes. (And a few plants will suffice – we don’t need to go overboard.)

Over the last decade, more and more architects and interior designers are focusing on the elements of biophilia and are integrating them into their work.

As we move forwards, this designer predicts it will become the norm rather than a specialization.

Greek Revival

2022 home décor trends
Pinterest Screenshot: Greek Revival

This up-and-coming trend seems to be mostly driven by Gen Z, who will look more and more towards Ancient Greece for home décor inspiration.

What people are searching for:

  • Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper – up by 180%
  • Ancient Greece aesthetic – up by 65%
  • Greek statue art – up by 300%
  • Corinthian column – up by 40%

Pro Advice: If it’s to your taste, it will be a fun trend to embrace. But like the Goth and Curve trends, tread cautiously with fixtures and fittings.

I would favor a bust on your sideboard over installing a column in your living room. Best to stick with accessories – unless you’ve always loved all things Greek.

Emotional Escape Rooms

2022 home décor trends
Pinterest Screenshot: Emotional Escape Rooms

Again, this is likely prompted by all the Covid lockdowns we’ve experienced over the last 18 months. And now, those who have the space to dedicate to a personal little sanctuary seem highly motivated to do that.

Across all age groups people are seeking inspiration for rooms they can spend time in to decompress, in whatever way most appeals to them. Of all the home décor trends they’re predicting, this is one of the hottest.

What people are searching for:

  • Rage room – up by 150%
  • Music themed rooms – up by 200%
  • Crystal room – up by 800%
  • Tiny library room – up by 1200%
  • Home massage room – up by 190%

Pro advice: Let’s declare my bias upfront – this one is completely aligned with my own personal mission.

I believe we should all carve out a corner of our home that feels like a personal haven. And if you can dedicate an entire room to it, even better.

I’m on board with this one, and I hope it’s here to stay.

Limitless Luxe

2022 home décor trends
Pinterest Screenshot: Limitless Luxe

No longer reserved for bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens, it seems every corner of our homes could be getting a touch of luxury. Especially if you’re Gen X or a Millenial.

From basements to laundry rooms, Pinterest predicts all the nooks and crannies will become fodder for luxurious makeovers.

And judging by the most popular searches, the Luxe trend will be giving “Emotional Escape Rooms” a run for its money. But then, for many, the luxe look helps them feel they’re escaping to a spa retreat.

So if it’s having a soothing effect, then it’s not surprising to see it soaring in popularity.

What people are searching for:

  • Luxury laundry room ideas – up by 1100%
  • Luxury basement ideas – up by 200%
  • Luxury gaming room – up by 200%
  • Luxury garage interior – up by 500%
  • Luxury children’s bedroom – up by 200%

Pro Advice: This one is a matter of taste – some people love a luxurious feeling home, and others prefer a more homely-feeling space. Stick with your perennial taste, rather than following this trend.

If you’ve always loved luxe, then investing in this isn’t money wasted. However, if it hasn’t typically been your style but you now find yourself drawn to the luxe-laden social media posts, then hold your fire because you will tire of this look.

It’s important to remember, too, that a luxe look comes with a higher level of maintenance than other styles. So bear this in mind before going all-out in the kids’ spaces, even if it is your own typical style. No point in investing in a look that will be hidden under all their toys, books, and other paraphernalia.

I don’t know if a garage warrants a luxe makeover either….just saying.

2022 and Beyond

When it comes to following trends, we need to step lightly. Before investing in your home assess the long-term viability of what you’re choosing. Beware of buying into a style that will likely be fleeting. Not only is that a costly path, but it’s also environmentally damaging.

Choose with care and foresight. And most importantly, choose what reflects you.

The best home interiors always tell the story of the people who live in them. Let that story be yours and your family’s, and not an echo of your Instagram or Pinterest feed.

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