Summer Solstice Meditation to Fire up Our Inner Strength.

Meditation, Self Care • June 21, 2021
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The meaning of ‘Solstice’ is ‘sun standing still’ and honouring the sun twice per year is a pre-Christian custom that was celebrated throughout the American and European continents.

In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice was a time to give thanks for the blessings of the coming fruits of summer.

And while today’s technology has allowed us to circumvent nature’s seasonal cycle of food production, we can still tune in to the energy of the solstice to reconnect to a sense of gratitude for the bounty of nature. And to celebrate the sun, this vital source of energy and life.

If you’d like to take some time to tune in, I’ve written and recorded a short meditation to help you reconnect with your own inner fire, and inner power.

If you’re familiar with the chakra system, you’ll know that one of the seven main energy centres in our body is the solar plexus chakra (Manipura in Sanskrit). This particular chakra is our source of inner strength and power.

When it is activated and balanced, it provides us with a strong sense of identity, purpose, and self-esteem. Unbalanced, it can create feelings of low self-worth – or the opposite: a need to dominate others in order to derive a feeling of self-worth.

Each chakra has an associated colour, and unsurprisingly, the colour of the solar plexus is yellow. Visualising yellow in this region can help us to activate and rebalance the chakra, as can wearing a shirt in a strong yellow colour.

In this summer solstice meditation, we’ll work with this chakra to support and strengthen it.

According to ancient traditions, the occasion would be celebrated around a bonfire. But you can do this symbolically, using candles, if a bonfire isn’t a practical option for you. And you could carve a symbol or word to reflect an intention for the coming months. Light the candle and allow it to burn through the evening, reminding you of your intention each time you glance its way.

This is completely optional, but a nice way to create a sense of ceremony.

To begin the meditation, get comfortable in an upright seated position.

If you wish to be guided through the meditation, you can listen to a five minute recording here.

Close your eyes and observe your breath. There’s no need to alter its natural rhythm, simply notice it for a few moments.

Now bring your attention to your solar plexus chakra, located just above your belly button. And imagine the light of the sun is beaming directly into your Manipura region. Visualise the area filling up with a bright yellow light.

And see that light radiating out from your physical body to fill up your aura.

Now, either silently or out loud – depending on your sense of privacy right now – repeat the following mantra:

I am strong and powerful.

I feel my power within.

I am worthy.

For the next couple of minutes, continue to repeat this.

When you feel ready, let go of the mantra, knowing that you can come back to it, and to your solar plexus chakra, any time you feel the need for greater inner strength.

Use your attention to slowly scan your physical body from head to toe, simply observing any sensations as you do so.

When your attention reaches your bum, notice how it connects with the chair, and allow it to feel heavy. And when you reach your feet, notice their connection with the floor, and again allow them to feel heavy.

When you feel ready, gently blink your eyes open.

You can now ease your way back into your evening’s activities.

If you have a tarot or oracle deck, a lovely way to close the ceremony would be to draw a single card or a spread, tuning in for some guidance from your higher self. Then journal any insights that arise.

Again, this is purely optional.

If you have lit a candle, allow it to burn safely until bedtime. And when you do quench it, take a moment, first of all, to offer up your gratitude to the sun for the vital source of energy it provides us, both within and without.

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