The meaning of ‘Solstice’ is ‘sun standing still’ and honouring the sun twice per year is a pre-Christian custom that was celebrated throughout the American and European continents. In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice was a time to give thanks for the blessings of the coming fruits of summer. And while today’s technology has […]

June 21, 2021

Or at least bring you some peace. Resolving conflict is part and parcel of human relationships. And often, it requires us to shift our energy a little.  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein Regardless of who was right and who wrong — a matter of […]

February 25, 2021

The Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day may make ‘Love’ appear to be an exclusive club. With membership reserved for those with a romantic partner. This is precisely why the day can be one of the loneliest days of the year… …for those who are single…for those who are in unfulfilling relationships…for those who are […]

February 13, 2021

I have developed an interest in astrology in recent years, but I don’t pretend to fully understand its intricate complexities. I have learned, though, to pay attention to the over-arching themes. And I do my best to be mindful of them as I go about my days. Generally, we’re told that the energy around the […]

February 11, 2021

While the benefits of meditation are no longer doubted, and the practice is becoming more and more mainstream, many people still believe that it’s not for them. And — for most of them — this is probably not the case. Indeed, meditation is not for everyone, but it is safe for most people to practice. And most people can […]

February 7, 2021
meditation myths

Meditation is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years, and it has the backing of science for decades now. Even if you’re not a meditator, you’re probably aware of all the benefits it can bring to your life. What you might not know, however, is that consistent practice is the most important thing. Even if that’s only five […]

January 29, 2021

Here’s what you need to know. For most people, meditation is a safe practice that can bring many benefits to our wellbeing. And the internet is a plethora of resources to help people get started with the practice. What we don’t see so often, though, are warnings that meditation is not for everyone. Or it might not […]

January 22, 2021
meditation isn't for everyone

If you’re just getting started, here are some meditation guidelines to bear in mind. Because it’s quite common that people’s preconceptions don’t match their experience…. They expect to have a still mind….and their mind remains busy. They expect to feel bliss…and they experience boredom. They expect to have a profound experience…and they don’t. They expect […]

February 27, 2020
meditation guidelines

UPDATE: The live meditation will take place at 8.45am (Irish time) each morning on my Facebook page. Click here to follow it. If you register by email (recommended – it’s easy to miss FB posts), you’ll get a reminder at 8.30am and I’ll also email you a link to the replay afterwards. The link to […]

August 25, 2019

Once upon a time I was keen on manifesting my desires. Now, I’m more interested in surrendering to the Divine’s plan for my life. That’s not to say I don’t experience any desire for particular things and experiences. It’s just that I’m aware of the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for”. What we desire […]

July 2, 2019
new moon meditation
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