In metaphysical circles it is widely held that the energy of the new moon supports us in sowing new seeds, or intentions, for what we wish to create in our lives. And the energy around the full moon supports us in letting go of what no longer serves us. Of course, we can set such […]

June 16, 2019
full moon meditation

An altar is a sacred place. Sacred in the sense of displaying items that are meaningful and symbolic to us. Not necessarily sacred in a religious sense, although it can be if we so wish. And while most of us probably grew up associating altars with churches, temples, and more religiously-inclined locations, it is becoming […]

September 26, 2018
home altar

Meditation is a process of quieting the mind. But—for most people—the mind will not be perfectly still during meditation. In fact—for most people—the mind will be quite active throughout. There will be moments of stillness and those moments are of the utmost importance. During those moments healing takes place—on the physical, mental and emotional levels. […]

July 23, 2018

Although I’m a certified meditation teacher, I grew up a skeptic and I understand where the skeptics are coming from. I respect their wariness of various spiritual practices, especially if it falls into the “new age” category—I once was very wary too. And in fact, I still remain skeptical of certain modalities. I don’t blindly […]

June 12, 2018

The short and simple answer: yes, absolutely. There are some schools of meditation that are more austere than others, where meditators are encouraged to sit in absolute stillness for the duration, in order to facilitate the mind reaching deeper levels of stillness. And that is a wonderful ideal to aspire to. However, we often find ourselves unable […]

June 4, 2018
meditation guidelines

I am usually wary of “life-changing” claims. But when it comes to meditation, I can confidently assert that—given regular practice—five minutes a day can change things. It’s widely accepted now among Western medicine practitioners that meditation isn’t “woo-woo.” It has been shown, over and over, to improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being. But people who […]

May 28, 2018

We had a full moon at the start of this week, and the energy of the full moon can be supportive in consciously choosing to release what no longer serves us. Having said that, we don’t need to wait until the moon is full to do that either. On Sunday evening the full moon inspired […]

May 3, 2018

The simple answer to this question is: yes. Meditation can help you deal with your anxiety better, and it can gradually lead to reduced levels of anxiety. The slightly less simple answer is: it depends! There are no guarantees with this practice. Everyone has a different experience with meditation, because we all have different and unique life experiences—and […]

April 24, 2018

One of the top reasons why people give up on meditation is the belief that their minds are too busy—therefore, it is not working for them. Because meditation is (rightly) billed as a process of quieting our minds, there is a widespread misconception that it should result in still minds. And for most people, their actual experience […]

March 12, 2018

Love is available to all of us, whether or not we happen to be in a romantic relationship right now. Yet, thanks to the commercialism surrounding Valentine’s Day, many people feel unloved on the one day of the year set aside to celebrate love. Feelings of loneliness, grief, and regret can be amplified. Memories of good times […]

February 13, 2018
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