A Full Moon Meditation for Releasing our Troubles.

Meditation • June 16, 2019

In metaphysical circles it is widely held that the energy of the new moon supports us in sowing new seeds, or intentions, for what we wish to create in our lives.

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And the energy around the full moon supports us in letting go of what no longer serves us.

Of course, we can set such intentions at any time. However, working with the energies of the moon can help to super-charge those intentions.

With that in mind, the following is my Full Moon Releasing Meditation.

The intention is to consciously sit with an issue that is currently causing us discomfort—feeling it in order to heal and release it.

Too often, the temptation is to suppress or deny whatever is causing us mental and emotional discomfort. We may distract ourselves by indulging in behaviours that help to numb ourselves from the pain. The effect, however, is only temporary—what we resist persists. Our denied feelings don’t go anywhere. Instead they are stored in our bodies, where they wait to be triggered again in the future.

By tuning in to these trapped feelings, and sitting with the issues they are rooted in, we can start to release them from our bodies. And with that, we can also release the power the trigger holds over us. Instead of turning away from it, we can look it in the eye, recognize what it is, acknowledge how it has affected us in the past, and choose to feel it so that its intensity may begin to disperse.

If there is an issue that has been cropping up for you lately, this meditation is an invitation for you to sit with it a little bit, and then release it. (Guided audio is available at the bottom of the page.)

To begin, allow whatever has been troubling you to come up and be in the foreground of your consciousness.

As you sit with it for a few minutes, notice where in your body you might be feeling uncomfortable sensations. Doing your best to disregard any mental chatter around the issue, bring your full attention into your physical body. Observe what part of your body is asking to be noticed and simply sit with the physical sensations.

After a few minutes, enter into a silent dialogue with the pain or discomfort. First of all, acknowledge it. Greet it, and tell it that it has your full attention. Ask it if it has any message for you. Where does it come from? What does it want you to know?

Ask these questions, but do not strive to answer them. If thoughts pop into your mind that may be answers, simply trust and accept them. If nothing comes, that’s okay too. Sometimes the answers come later, when we are not “trying” to find them.

Having spent a few minutes sitting with the physical sensations, gently acknowledging them and listening for any messages they wish to send you, bring your attention to the crown of your head and imagine the bright light of the moon shining directly above you.

Allow this light to pour down through your being—imagining with every inhalation that you are breathing in pure love. As you slowly exhale, imagine you are also breathing out all that no longer serves you.

Breathing in whatever strength and resources you need right now.

And breathing out whatever it is time to release.

Continue for another couple of minutes, consciously breathing in whatever needs to come to you at this point in time. And breathing out whatever needs to go.

When it feels complete, bring your attention fully back into the present moment and slowly open your eyes.

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