Harness the Power of the New Moon with Meditation.

Meditation, Self Care • February 11, 2021
new moon meditation
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I have developed an interest in astrology in recent years, but I don’t pretend to fully understand its intricate complexities.

I have learned, though, to pay attention to the over-arching themes. And I do my best to be mindful of them as I go about my days.

Generally, we’re told that the energy around the new moon is ideal for setting intentions. And the full moon energy supports us in letting go of what isn’t serving us.

This week’s new moon in Aquarius — on Thursday 11th or Friday 12th, depending on your time zone — is being heralded as the most powerful new moon of this year.

It has something to do with anoverload of planets in Aquarius.

Six of the seven traditional planets/stars are in Aquarius — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Saturn. ~ Sally Kirkman, Astrologer

It’s also coinciding with the Chinese new year. So, if ever there was a perfect time to set intentions for 2021, this week is it. (Consolation for those who set resolutions in January and have since fallen off the wagon.)

If you’d like to do an intention-setting ceremony to mark this auspicious event, I’ve outlined my regular new moon meditation below.

Just a few words on intentions first.

Are you familiar with the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?

When it comes to manifesting your desires, this is something to be mindful of. What our ego desires is not always what we most need. And it may not even be what we truly want.

For example, you might want a relationship with a particular person or a specific job. That’s a surface desire. Your real desire lies beneath it. Perhaps a loving relationship or work that makes your heart sing.

And you can dig even deeper to get to the essence of what it is you actually want— eg, being loved, a sense of purpose.

I believe it’s more effective to focus on that essence rather than attaching your intention to specific people, organizations, or events.

Set your intention based on the day-to-day feelings you want to be experiencing and release those to the Divine, trusting she will perfectly deliver them through the perfect means (or person) and at the ideal time.

If none of that seems too woo-woo to you, then once you’re clear on your intention, give it some oomph with a meditation along the following lines.

Begin by tuning into your breath.

Notice, without altering its natural rhythm, the pattern of your breathing.

Sit for a couple of minutes in observance of your breath.

Now bring to mind whatever it is that you’d like to create for yourself, whether that’s an experience or a way of being.

Imagine that intention is a seed and see yourself sowing it in the earth.

Visualize yourself watering it daily and trusting that it will sprout and bloom at the right time.

Take a little bit of time to imagine that happening over the coming months and changing seasons.

First, see the initial seedling emerging and growing taller and stronger each day.

Then see it fully grown and flowering.

Imagine how you’ll feel when your intention has come to fruition.

Feel into that reality and allow that sensation to fill up your body and radiate outwards to fill up your aura.

Sit in this feeling for a few minutes.

With each inhalation, focus on drawing this feeling into your everyday life.

With each exhalation, focus on its expansion.

When you feel complete, bring your attention back to the present moment and return to your daily activities.

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