Free Meditation Challenge: Five Minutes for Five Days

Meditation, Self Care • August 25, 2019
free meditation challenge

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UPDATE: The live meditation will take place at 8.45am (Irish time) each morning on my Facebook page. Click here to follow it. If you register by email (recommended – it’s easy to miss FB posts), you’ll get a reminder at 8.30am and I’ll also email you a link to the replay afterwards. The link to register is at the bottom of this page. If you’re new to meditation and want to receive the video tutorial (only eight minutes long), that link is also at the bottom of this page.

Harnessing the Back to School energy that September often infuses in many of us, long after we’ve left our school days behind, I’m planning on hosting (subject to interest) a free meditation challenge from Monday, September 9th until Friday, September 13th.

The idea is to help people re-start a practice that has fallen by the wayside. However, complete beginners are welcome too (keep reading below).

From Monday to Friday, I will guide you into a five minute mantra meditation (although you’re welcome to practice whatever meditation technique you prefer). Ideally, we would meditate for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day. However, five minutes is absolutely worth doing – especially if you make it a daily practice. The benefits accrue over time and once you start to experience them, you won’t want to skip this part of your day.

And if you’re struggling to fit a meditation practice into your day, this collective five minute challenge may help you to build it into your daily routine.

The other ideal, is that we start our day with meditation. But depending on our circumstances, that isn’t always the most realistic option for many. With both of these things in mind, I’m planning on guiding the meditation live in the morning (time to be determined – see this poll on Facebook to feedback on what time would work best for you). But for those who can’t make the live morning session, I will both post the video on my Facebook page afterwards and email it to you. This will ensure you get a daily reminder and the opportunity to practice at whatever time of the day suits you best.

For complete beginners, I will record a lesson that will be made available over the weekend of September 8th/9th. This class will be available on a donation basis. Suggested donation is €5 but you can pay what you want. The video will be emailed to you on Saturday morning so that you can take the class at the time that suits you best, and be ready to join in with the free meditation challenge from Monday morning.

To read more about how five minutes a day can make a difference, click here.

To register for the free meditation challenge, click here.

To register for the Meditation Lesson, click here. (Donation link will be provided when you’re sent the video lesson.)

To input into the time for the live daily meditation session, click here.

NOTE: This programme does not provide medical or other professional counselling advice and is not intended as a substitute for the advice or supervision of professional services, or any other support you may need.  Please consult your doctor before starting if you are being treated for severe mental health issues or brain-related conditions.

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